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Renovation Gurus provides services to everyday homeowners, but the majority of our clients are real estate investors, landlords, or property managers.  We provide whole home rehabs as well as multi unit apartment complex make ready’s.  With Renovation Gurus, your project is in the hands of investor-minded people, so rest assured our prices will help you maximize your property’s potential.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first time flipper, mitigating risk is the most important factor in getting the highest possible return on investment.  Let Renovation Gurus help you with project consulting and risk management.  We are hard money friendly and are more than willing to help provide guidance throughout your project.

Our experienced crews have been with our company for years, therefore they know our expectation of quality and integrity when providing you with a turn-key remodeling service.  We put our clients first and it is our goal to stop the headaches before they happen.  Let our experience benefit you and save you time and money.

…While I was scared at the start, unsure how it would all go – it was one of my best decisions. They were able to address major projects like siding, electrical, painting, and carpet to the smaller projects like building a wall, refinishing an antique tub, and making my original hardwood floors look brand new…

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