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Items That Are Easily Missed on a Rehab Bid – Part 2

Ron Carlson continues this two part series over items that are easily missed when a bid is being created. The majority of theses items are smaller but they can add up quickly.  A few items Ron talks about are the prep work that goes into a painting project, driveway repairs, sprinkler systems, etc. Listen in to hear the full list of items that are most commonly missed! Watch the video here:    FULL TRANSCRIPT: Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom, where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business...

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Making Sure Your Contractor Writes a Bid That Protects You

Ron Carlson explains how having a contractor write a bid correctly can protect you if things go south. By being detailed in the work that’s being done, there’s transparency for both parties. Click below to watch the video and learn more about why the bid writing process is so important, especially if you run into issues with the contractor. By having everything detailed out in the bid, it’s clear of what’s owed by both parties.    ...

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Tricks Contractors Use To Get Your Business – REI Classroom with Ron Carlson

REI Classroom lesson #480 features Renovation Guru’s founder Ron Carlson.  As Ron Carlson explains, there are some tricks that some contractors use in order to get your business. Ron shares what they are so that you can be aware when looking for your next contractor. Real Estate Investment, Choosing a Contractor for Rehab Summary: It’s important to protect yourself from contractors who may not be up front with you. They might tell you they’ve done jobs as big as yours (but haven’t) or underbid the job (and ask for more money later). There are numerous ways they can trick...

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How to Decide Your Exit Strategy in a Deal

Listen to our latest Podcast from Joe Fairless, Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice show. Synopsis: There may be many ways to enter a deal, but what do you do once you sign? Are the terms you negotiated favorable enough to allow a creative exit? This episode is for you! Learn the number of ways to exit a deal like “wholetail”, wholesale, or retail, it will save you thousands! Ron Carlson Real Estate Background: – Owner & General Contractor at Renovation Gurus – Began as a wholesaler and built up enough capital to start flipping houses –...

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