Will your next Real Estate Investment be a Flip, or a Flop?

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Is it a Flip? Or a Flop?

During a flip there are often problems not foreseen at the beginning of the project. These problems often cause issues with timelines and cash flow – two things that investors don’t like and things that can cause a project to sink.  The difference between a flip and a flop is often the contractors you use to get the job done.

We recently worked with a new investor client on a rehab and found some issues. This created problems on all sides, but the good news is we all worked together to overcome the issues and get the job done.  We have shared their letter and testimonial below.

If you need an investor friendly whole home rehab company, please call Renovation Gurus today. We want to help you through your next project or flip.

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Hi Roman,

I (Marcus Thomas) just wanted to make sure you understand how grateful we are that you were able resolve all of the issues we had today. I’m sure you can imagine all of the scenarios running through my mind as my wife kept me updated on the communication issues she’d been having over the past month. We were certain that partnering with Renovation Gurus was the right choice and glad to pay to leverage your knowledge and experience but the service and value did not seem to be as advertised. Alot of things were extremely difficult to stomach and the plumbing misunderstanding had us broken emotionally. But as always, it seems there was a bigger plan that we could not see. Had those things not happened, it would have been highly unlikely that we would have been aware of the issues you found before it was too late. I cannot imagine what we would have had to do if we could not sell the home. Words cannot express how thankful we are.

Beyond the gratitude, our perspective on this whole experience has changed due to your initiative. The distinguishing quality of great people and companies is not perfection but the ability to handle adversity with integrity. Had this whole rehab gone smoothly from start to finish, we would have indeed been happy but the resulting testimonials and reviews would not be as passionate, and our referrals not as solid. You have not only earned our business but our trust.

Additionally, we now feel better educated to work with Renovation Gurus going forward to mitigate the issues we encountered with this flip. I would love the opportunity at some point when this flip wraps up to give some feedback on our experience; it may give you some ideas on improving your existing processes and systems by getting inside the mind of another new investor while its still fresh. Just let me know.

Grace & Peace,

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