Hard Money Lenders in Dallas / Fort Worth TX

In an earlier article we discussed what a Hard Money Loan is and how they work.  We received many requests for recommendations of Hard Money Lenders in the Dallas / Fort Worth area so we put together a list of companies in North Texas that finance hard money loans.

For a quick recap, hard money loans help match real estate investors with capital.  For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as bridge loans.  They are also sometimes given other names like:

  • Cash out Loan.
  • Rehab Loan.
  • Asset based loan.
  • Buy, Fix, and Sell Loan.

Hard Money loans are typically private loans from a private investor vs. a bank.  They are favored by real estate investors because obtaining hard money from a private investor can be faster and more flexible than more traditional methods.  Additionally, some homes do not meet conventional underwriting guidelines.

There are many different situations in which hard money is a great option if available to the real estate investor.  Most important is speed – many deals are made or lost based on time and having financing lined up.  Hard money is also a great option on distressed properties.

For more information on Hard Money Loan, please read the full article.

If you are looking for a Hard Money Lender in North Texas, please consider the following:

Bay Mountain Capital


(214) 280-1254

Contact: Noble Madu

Emerald Dolphin Enterprises


(817) 939-9436

Contact: Taylor Weakley

Emerald Dolphin Enterprises - Hard money lender
InvestMark Mortgage


(214) 219-0360

Contact: Mike Hanna

212 Loans


(817) 965-5019

Contact: Luke Shivers

Longhorn Investments


(903) 692-0742

Contact: Adam Williams

Wildcat Lending

(972) 525-4777 ext. 2 and 3


Contact: Jeremy Rehwald


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